Northern Diver Cortex Red Edition Drysuit

Just like the rest of the models in the Cortex series, the Cortex Red Edition is manufactured from ultra hard-wearing Cordura and is built to last. The typically high-stress crotch area of the drysuit is seam-fee and reinforced, and you’ll also find oversized Kevlar® 401 kneepads and a high-spec BDM rear-entry zip, protected by a zip flap, on the Cortex Red.

Despite its hard-wearing properties, we hope you’ll forget you’re even wearing the Cortex Red. Its unique cut, internal braces and our acclaimed super-soft neoprene neck and wrist seals that don’t compromise on durability ensure the resilient Cortex Red works in harmony with you beneath the surface.

Naturally, our latest Cortex drysuit isn’t short of useful features. To keep your diving computer secure, we’ve added anti-slip overprinting on the lower arms. The Red’s storage capacity is also generous; with 2 zipped transporter pockets on each thigh, one with an integrated knife pocket and the other an integrated bellows pocket, you have plenty of space for specialist diving tools and even some of the spoils from a salvage or wreck dive.

To help you take your new Cortex Red on its maiden dive as soon as possible, it is supplied complete with a 5mm neoprene dual-flow hood, drysuit carry bag, hose and maintenance kit.

 If you’d like to customize your pockets on your Cortex Red, or other items such as your boots or valves, this can be performed at an extra cost.

Please note: Knife and Undersuit not included.


  • Manufactured from ultra-durable Cordura

  • Unique cut and internal braces for optimum fit

  • Fitted with super-soft neoprene neck and wrist seals

  • BDM rear-entry zip with protective flap secured with Velcro

  • Kevlar 601 kneepads with anti-slip coating

  • Anti-slip overprint around the lower arms for securing dive computer

  • Heavy-duty seam-free crotch

  • Zipped cargo pocket on left thigh with integrated knife pocket and Velcro strap on front

  • Zipped cargo pocket on right thigh with integrated Velcro bellows pocket on front

  • Fitted with comfortable neoprene-lined dacor boots

  • Valves in standard positions

  • 5mm neoprene hood with ear vent system

  • Drysuit carry bag, hose and maintenance kit are included

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