BIRNS Chamber Light Magnetic Base Mount

This powerful chrome-plated magnetic base allows easy installation and repositioning of all BIRNS chamber lights on curved or flat metal surfaces. The mount is designed for use in all pressurized HeO2-atmosphere PVHO chambers, from submersibles, diving bells and personnel transfer capsules to decompression, recompression and hyperbaric chambers.

The low profile BIRNS Chamber Light Magnetic Base Mount has a 4.90’’ diameter, and a height of .49’’, making it ideal for systems with space constraints. The round ceramic-8 ring is comprised of highly magnetized castings, providing a powerful magnetic field. The base has two integral bolts and acorn nuts to safely secure the chamber light. This powerful mount provides great versatility in lighting options—users can quickly switch from general area lighting to bunk illumination and back again by simply changing the position of the base. Plus, installation is quick and easy, both on deck and in pressurized chambers while at sea.

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